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Steve Hampton

Found my passion in music and started playing when I was 12.

Now i'm focused on playing the frequency music of therapeutic singing bowls. Helping and assisting people with their health challenges through alchemy crystal singing bowls and Himalayan Therapeutic Vibrational Sound Singing Bowls . 

find yourself on a deeper level. 

- Steve Hampton

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Back Massage

Sound Bath Group Session

Crystal Singing Bowl Soundbath



Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) produces incredibly profound effects on the mind, emotions, and body.

VST's & Metamorphic

Massage (Combo)

The Combo is a SuperNatural blending of Metamorphic Massage with energizing Vibrational Sound Therapy.


When Steve first performed a Vibrational Sound Therapy on my, I came away from the experience with a profound sense of being relaxed deeper than ever before.

- Nancy

Steve Hampton’s Vibrational Sound Therapy sessions are so transformative that I recently introduced him to my favorite clients. I’m so glad they got to experience your kindness and tenderness that so deeply touched me during my first session a year ago. Your hands bring such deep healing to so many. 

Angela, Reiki

Master & Energy Healer

I have had several VST's with Steve. Each one builds on the previous one, increasing my frequency to a higher vibratory rate, resonating with the frequency of the Kingdom of God.

Misty - Energy Healer

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