Crystal Singing Bowls

We are often asked... 



“How do I choose the Singing Bowls?”

Our Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are hand-made instruments of light and love, waiting to assist you and those that you are in service to. Most often, the crystal bowls choose you; that is to say, you just “know” that that bowl or set of bowls feels right to you.


In a real sense, it is a marriage of your own resonant frequencies and the frequencies of the bowls you resonate with; so it is as if they "propose" to you, and you choose to accept. It is an energetic and vibrational union between the Crystal Singing Bowls and those they will serve.


Our bodies are constructed according to crystalline patterns, including our blood system, and as such, we act as one part of the equation, while the crystal singing bowls serve as the other part. We are honored to facilitate the process for these crystal instruments to serve their human counterparts and have learned to implicitly trust the process... it requires that you put your heart above your head, simply allowing the process to unfold gracefully and in divine alignment, for the best and highest good of all. 


Allowing these crystal singing bowls into your world is majestic. So much shifting, healing, and transformation occurs as we begin to work with the vibration and the alchemy of these life-giving instruments. We are honored to serve you in this process. 

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