Quantum 8 Meditation

Present Reality & Future Vision

Quantum 8 Meditation is an entirely new approach to this ancient practice. Incorporating some of the best mindfulness practices, we have crafted eight unique disciplines you can integrate into your daily life, in a short amount of time, to gain the maximum benefits from optimized meditation, receiving huge dividends from the time invested. 

Quantum 8 Meditation effectively replaces mindlessness with proactive mindfulness practices as you combine key ingredients of reality therapy and cutting edge goal setting, enabling you to “wish forward” into your preferred future, while securing your present reality.

As an added bonus, as you practice Quantum 8 Meditation, you will begin to feel the flow that propels you forward into deeper meditation. This is what we call the momentum of “the slide”. You realize that your meditation practice can be improved, over time, to add depth and enhanced meaning to your life. With practice, you may find yourself craving meditation, actually desiring to spend the time in this practice, once you experience the radical benefits of Quantum 8 Meditation.

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